A millennia-old value in new splendor

With silver granules you can build true wealth.

A millennia-old value in new splendor

With silver granules you can build true wealth.

Pure silver

Storage in Swiss security warehouse

Fully insured

Our partners

With a partner network of over 60+ companies, our customers can apply their silver granules as a payment method like cash or credit card.

Stable foundation for
unpredictable times

Stable foundation for unpredictable times

Since time immemorial, silver has served as a means of payment. Old Testament scriptures often mention silver first in the context of value. Already Abraham bought his first land with silver.

Nowadays, silver granules enjoy great popularity in the industry. Sectors such as the electrical industry, medical technology and production engineering benefit from the high electrical and thermal conductivity – a raw material of superlatives.

The S-Desposito is suitable for ...

Private individuals

Do you value the ownership of real property? With the S-Deposito you can flexibly invest in silver granules. You remain flexible and can exchange it back into CHF / EUR at any time. Your purchased silver granules will be stored insured in a Swiss bonded warehouse.

Children and grandchildren

Want to save for your child or grandchild for their driver’s license or college education? The S-Deposito is perfect for this, because even the smallest deposits of 100 CHF / EUR per month are possible. Your child or grandchild can later benefit from the price trend of silver when you pay it off.


As an entrepreneur, do you value trading with business partners? With the S-Deposito you can barter with other companies using the Barter function. Likewise, you can offer a new payment option to end customers who have an S-Deposito.

Bartering through barter function

Our S-Deposito solution, which invests in silver granules, is designed to easily handle barter transactions. In this process, one exchanges silver granules for the desired goods. The condition for such a trade is that both the seller and the buyer have an S-Deposito. Barter transactions do not incur any additional costs.

Protection in the event of financial institution failure
Save VAT
also for silver
Possibility of daily
Deposits and withdrawals
24/7 online portal for
Insight and management
Fully insured
Storage in the
Swiss bonded warehouse
Swap function with
S-Deposito owners
Attractive buyback prices

Your silver - triple sealed

Why is the silver granulate in a bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a high security warehouse that operates independently of banks. Here, access is regulated as restrictively as nowhere else. In addition, the vault facilities are subject to strict regulations and are monitored around the clock. In the event of a suspicious case, the police would be on the scene in three minutes.

There is basically the “four-eyes principle” Even if you could get into the bonded warehouse, it would take two people, each with different parts of the access code, to open the safe. In addition, all silver is always fully insured.

What special safety measures does BB Wertmetall AG take?

BB Wertmetall AG acquires purest silver granules in sealed bags. These ensure the purity of the raw material and make it possible to sell the silver at any time. Each individual silver bag is audited under the supervision of an independent auditor. After that, the silver bags go into special buckets, which in turn are sealed.

Finally, BB Wertmetall places the special buckets in solid wooden boxes protected by a security band. At the end, this also receives a seal. All in all, then, investors’ silver is triple-sealed. Finally, a wooden box of silver is so heavy that it would probably take a crane to steal it.

What if I need "liquid" money?

The unique concept of BB Wertmetall AG ensures that the pure silver granules can be sold in line with the market at any time. Thanks to sealing and contractual assurances with silver suppliers, this is guaranteed at all times. Those who invest in silver granules can therefore build up assets – and still remain flexible.

About BB Wertmetall AG

How can people and companies build and sustain true value? We looked for answers to this question in the Bible after the financial crisis of 2008 – and found them. This gave rise to BB Wertmetall in 2009.

We specialize in designing precious metal products for individuals and companies because silver and gold have been important values since biblical times.

We are convinced that the basic investment principles are timeless. For example, the Bible already teaches the golden rule of diversification.

And the threefold biblical portfolio theory still proves its worth today: invest one-third in people, family and companies, one-third in land and one-third in liquidity – in the form of silver and gold.

In 2015, precious metals expert Werner J. Ullmann was appointed CEO. The graduate in business administration is very familiar with the precious metals sector.

Be it as a successful advisor of various gold and silver mining funds or as a former initiator and board member of listed gold exploration companies. He became known in the professional scene as the author of the reference book “Profit mit Rohstoffen” (“Profit with Commodities”) published by Finanzbuch Verlag.

What our customers say

For me, the S-Deposito is the contemporary solution for investing in timeless values.

The business S-Deposito is particularly practical for me: it also allows me to accept payments in silver instead of cash.

Stephan Lehmann // Family man

The S-Deposito is a revolutionary silver granules deposit account that is stored safely and securely in Swiss bonded warehouse.

It represents a unique security against the uncertain world money. Silver and gold have withstood every crisis since time immemorial!

Kurt Bühlmann // Entrepreneur

At the S-Deposito I can also buy silver granules as a private person. This offers me the greatest possible flexibility to invest in promising value metal even with smaller amounts.

Stefan Hoppe // Designer

Next steps


Start application route

Click on the button, this will take you to a new page. Here you start with the application section.


Application to open a securities account

If you choose the S-Deposito, you will fill out the application forms below and receive them afterwards to sign.


Authentication and access data

After sending your signed documents, they will be legally checked and verified. You will then receive a confirmation and the access data to the S-Deposito portal to make your first silver purchase.

Build true value with the S-Deposito.

Our experts are available via telephone or e-mail to provide you with personal information about our product.

Frequently asked questions

What is the smallest amount you can get in with?

The prerequisite for opening an S-Deposito is that you commit to building up at least 1/4 Talent Silver. The period for this is freely selectable. Additional payments are possible from CHF 100 / EUR.

What are the costs of the deposit?

The regular costs are 5 percent, from 30 talents 1.5 percent commission on the price of the target investment on the closing date.

Up to a target investment of 1/2 talent, a reduced annual deposit fee of 2 oz. Silver granules due. The annual fee for all larger S-Depositos is 4 oz. Calculated semi-annually in advance and deducted from the portfolio. This includes any number of deposits and withdrawals as well as (barter) transactions.

The regular annual custody fee is 1 percent, from 30 talents 0.8 percent on the average holding of silver granules. The fee is deducted from the portfolio every six months. It covers storage, insurance, inventory and other costs.

For clients domiciled in Switzerland, statutory value-added tax is also charged on the custody and safekeeping fee.

How soon can I exchange the granules again?

You can exchange the silver granules for EUR or CHF every working day. The desired amount will then be deducted from your S-Deposito and credited to your account.

What tax aspects need to be considered?

Purchases, sales and exchanges are exempt from VAT. Swiss private clients do not pay tax on capital gains. German private clients also not, provided the holding period is at least 12 months.

Swiss clients must declare the custody account holdings as assets according to the custody account statement, German clients are not subject to wealth tax. We recommend that customers from other countries consult their tax advisor.

What happens to the online portal if the Internet goes down?

Your data is stored multiple times on our in-house servers. If the Internet goes down, you will no longer have access to your online custody account. Your precious metal does not move in the Swiss bonded warehouse. There’s no need for you to panic – it’s not digital money, it’s physical precious metal.

What is the term of the deposit?

You do not have to specify the term of your S-Seposito. If you want to close the silver custody account, you can order this at any time.

Are there any booking fees?

Up to a target investment of 1/2 talent, a reduced annual deposit fee of 2 oz. Silver granules due. The annual fee for all larger S-Depositos is 4 oz. Calculated semi-annually in advance and deducted from the portfolio. This includes any number of deposits and withdrawals as well as (barter) transactions.

Where is the silver granulate stored?

Your purchased silver granules are stored in a Swiss bonded warehouse. It is insured against robbery, burglary, fire and other risks.